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Announcing iOS Weekend - Introduction to iOS Development

Join me Friday, March 22, 2013 as we kick off the first iOS Weekend of 2013. (

The focus is on helping you develop practical skills building mobile applications for iOS by building a real application over a weekend. At iOS Weekend you won’t get bogged down in mindless study of API calls or every little detail of Objective-C. What you will do is build a real application from start to finish. By the time you leave Sunday evening you will have an app running on your phone that you can be proud of.

This course is an introduction to iOS development. You will learn how to build applications using Xcode, iOS and the UIKit framework. You will have a better appreciation of how developers build iOS applications, having built one yourself once you complete the class. The full process for turning ideas into mobile applications sold through the Apple iTunes Store will be discussed.

You will build an iPhone application called “Count’em UP” over the course of 2 1/2 days. The class is 100% hands-on development with class size kept to a minimum so there will be plenty of one-on-one assistance as you work through the class exercises. Using guided demonstrations and a mix of follow-along exercises and hands-on experimentation you will see “Count’em UP” come to life.

You will receive a complete design specification for the application on the first day of the class. This will include some user stories, wireframe models from a graphic designer, pixel-perfect Photoshop files, all design elements (icons, font, color and animation specifications) and an object-model diagram to get you started. Here’s a short video illustrating what you can expect. (

This course will be valuable if you are a …

  • Professional developer wishing to transition from desktop or web development to mobile development.
  • Graphic designer wishing to get a better understanding of mobile application development for iOS.
  • Product managers responsible for delivering iOS applications and wishing to understand what it takes to go live in the Apple iTunes Store.
  • Entreprenuar with and idea who is planning to build a minimally viable product (MVP).
  • Hobbyist curious about how to build applications for iOS.

Hope to see you there!